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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

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Over 4,000 tennis courts renovated since January 2016  


Tennis court moss control


Tennis court cleaning




After using the systems that the general trade use to pressure clean tennis courts and realising how limited they were on tennis courts we designed and developed a system which relies on a high volume of water and lower pressures to achieve a full deep pressure clean. This improves the operation by

Cleaning with a Lance :- Alan explains the normal trade use of a lance to pressure clean a tennis court surface and its limitations and why he developed his own system based on high volumes of water to reduce the pressure required. This system gives the accuracy required to maximise the effectiveness  of the cleaning on various types of court surface.

Importance of Nozzle types :- Alan explains the science behind he types of nozzles which deliver the water to the surface and how these have different hole sizes and spray patterns.

Each type of court surface uses a different type of nozzle which is set an exact distance above the ground.

Volume of Water :- Alan explains the reason behind using equipment the equipment which delivers high volumes of water and how this alters the efficiency of the cleaning operation.