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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

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Over 4,000 tennis courts renovated since January 2016  


Tennis court moss control


Tennis court cleaning




Resurfacing a tarmacadam tennis court with new tarmac is a major expense, if a court is properly maintained the tarmacadm surface should last 15-20 years. Unfortunately we have seen brand new surfaces wrecked in four years just due to non existent maintenance. What happens is the moss and algae attacks the surface first destroying the acrylic paint and then attacking the actual tarmac. This destroys the binder which holds the tarmac together and it starts to break up (Fretting). Once this happens it will not belong before a new tarmac surface is required.

Before a court surface can be re laid the surface has to be pressure cleaned to remove all the moss / algae and dead matter which has fallen into the surface. If this is not completed it will seriously effect the drainage on the new surface. It will quickly become blocked as there is poor drainage underneath it.

The surface also has to be “Spiked” with 1” holes drilled at one metre intervals to open the old surface and allow the drainage to be complete. These holes are then filled to ensure an even surface. Only then can the new tarmacadam be laid.