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Tennis Court Renovation by the Experts

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Over 4,000 tennis courts renovated since January 2016  


Tennis court moss control


Tennis court cleaning




Re spraying a tennis court is a very highly skilled and specialised operation requiring a high pressure spraying system. It is an absolute must that the court surface be deep pressure cleaned before re-spraying. If the surface is loose it will require a Binder to hold the surface together before applying the water based acrylic paint.

Here is a quick video of what the court will look like once we have lifted the tape from the white lines. completion.

Specialised air less spraying machines have to be used as the tennis court paint contains large amounts of Silica which provides the grip on the tennis court surface.

Shown is our Airless Sprayer which is a top of the range machine costing nearly £5,000

The amount of grip can be varied as different sports require different grip levels.

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